Sega Game Gear (1991)

The Sega Master System in the palm of your hands!

The Sega Game Gear is basically a portable version of the Sega Master System, but with a slightly smaller screen and the ability to make slight alterations the palette/colors. This is why both systems share a large portion of their respective game libraries.

Back in the early 90s, the Sega Game Gear was usually a part of the Sega Kiosks in the shops, which featured the Sega MegaDrive, as well as the Sega Game Gear. This is where i first got introduced to this system. Sure the screen-blur isn't great, but the game library is excellent for this little handheld! I enjoy it a lot!

Because of the fragile carton boxes and the large number of loose carts i had at some point, i decided to go for a full collection of loose carts instead of a fully boxed collection like i have for other systems.