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83US Vectrex system (GCE, Boxed)9450
84Original Vectrex 3D Imager + minestorm 3D (Boxed)7SOLD
85Original Vectrex Lightpen + Artmaster (Boxed)5SOLD
86Original Vectrex Joypad (GCE, Boxed)8SOLD
87Vectrex GCE System bag/dustcover2125
88Complete set of all 18 standard original US/GCE Games (not including 3D/Lightpen games and US-exclusives Pole Position,Polar Rescue & Star Castle)7450
89Cubequest (Boxed)7SOLD
90Pitcher's Duel (Boxed)7SOLD
91Pitcher's Duel (Black cart release+Case only)1SOLD
92Bandai Kousokusen system5SOLD
93Bandai - Harmagedon (Boxed, complete)5SOLD
94Bandai - Bezerk2SOLD
95Bandai - Cosmic Conflict3SOLD
96Canadian Games set (Boxed, MB-Canada)6SOLD
97Boxed MB System Dutch NEW6SOLD
98Boxed MB System German4205
99Boxed MB System French7SOLD
100Boxed MB System Spanish - RARE4280
101Boxed MB System Italian - VERY RARE8450
102Boxed MB System UK/AUS 2.0 revision - RARE6500
103Boxed MB Joypad11SOLD
104MB System bag890
105Complete set of MB / Made in Rep.of Ire games (15 games, some still partly in seal)12500
106Complete set of MB / Made in HK games (13 games, with extra PVC protective cover)4210
107Late 83 production run of MB Hyperchase (with bandai-colored label)3SOLD
108Protector LE7SOLD
109Logo Limited Edition, #23 signed by Alex Nicholson3SOLD
110Spike's Circus LE3SOLD
111Star Sling Limited Edition #178SOLD
112Vecsports Boxing Limited Edition (Only 13 made)8SOLD
113MB Vectrex outer shipping box535
114Vector 21, fistfull of wildcards + custom overlay3SOLD
115Debris Revisited VIP edition, #2/20 7SOLD
116City Bomber Limited Edition %5/507SOLD
117Vectrexagon first edition (only 25 released)8SOLD
118Irrelevant #321SOLD
119Sectis (transparent cart) + Tshirt4SOLD
120Sundance + Patch2SOLD
121Sterner krieger + 3d glasses #10 3SOLD
122Shifted Limited Edition #19/203SOLD
123Vectoblox Limited Edition #18/204110
124Solar wars 2 player preview (10 made?)7SOLD
125Warrior 2SOLD
126Zantis Red cart7SOLD
127Original Omega Chase Deluxe release3SOLD
128Original Tsunami/Vix release8SOLD
129Spinnerama + converted paddle controller2SOLD
130Vecsports boxing, red label2SOLD
131City bomber standard edition2SOLD
132Vector 212SOLD
133Xmas cart 20145SOLD
134I, Cyborg3SOLD
135War of the Robots2SOLD
136Royal 212SOLD
138Sectis (slightly damaged plastic case)1SOLD
140War of the worlds5SOLD
1413D Sector X3SOLD
1423D Lord of the Robots3SOLD
144Vectopia (CGC, Universal Game Case, INTV cart) - Signed by John Dondzila1SOLD
145Spike Hoppin (CGC, UGC) - First run INTV cart release, Signed by John Dondzila1SOLD
146Tsunami (CGC, UGC)4SOLD
147Omega Chase (CGC, UGC)1SOLD
148All good things (CGC in Univeral Game Case, INTV cart)1SOLD
149Moonlander (CGC in Univeral Game Case)SOLD
150Protector/YASI (CGC) in Universal Game Case1SOLD
151Space Frenzy (CGC, UGC) - First run INTV cart release, signed by John DondzilaSOLD
152Thrust (CGC) in Universal Game Case1SOLD
153Vecsports Boxing (GDG) in Universal Game CaseSOLD
154Nebula Commander (Universal Game Case)SOLD
156Gravitex Plus (Universal Game Case) - First run INTV cart release, signed by John DondzilaSOLD
157Revector (Universal Game Case)SOLD
158Vecmania (Universal Game Case, INTV cart) - First Limited Run #223 signed by John Dondzila1SOLD
159Patriots , INTV cart with RARE Pre 9/11 cover1SOLD
160Patriots (CGC, INTV cart) in Universal Game Case , Signed by John Dondzila1SOLD
161Rockaroids Remix (CGC) in Universal Game Case1SOLD
162Vector Vaders (CGC, Universal Game Case) - INTV cart release signed by John Dondzila1SOLD
163Spike's Water Baloons (Universal Game Case)1SOLD
164V-Frogger (Universal Game Case)1SOLD
165Vaboom! / Vectrace (Universal Game Case)1SOLD
166Spike's Water Baloons (2nd release VHS)1SOLD
167Nebula Commander (2nd release VHS)1SOLD
168Vaboom! / Vectrace (2nd release VHS)1SOLD
169JD Reproduction - Dark Tower1SOLD
170JD Reproduction - Mr.Boston2SOLD
171JD Reproduction - Mailplaine1SOLD
172JD Reproduction - Minestorm II1SOLD
173JD Reproduction - Polar Rescue prototype1SOLD
174JD Reproduction - Star Trek debugged1SOLD
175JD Reproduction - Bezerk debugged1SOLD
176JD Reproduction - Tour de FranceSOLD
177JD Reproduction - Verzerk1SOLD
178Blue VHS release - Thrust2SOLD
179Blue VHS release - Protector/YASI1SOLD
180Blue VHS release - V-Frogger1SOLD
181Blue VHS release - Moonlander1SOLD
182Blue VHS release - Rockaroids Remix1SOLD
183Blue VHS release - Revector1SOLD
184Blue VHS release - Bezerk Debugged1SOLD
185Blue VHS release - Polar Rescue prototype1SOLD
186Blue VHS release - Tour de France1SOLD
187Blue VHS release - Star Trek debugged1SOLD
188Spike's Circus (Slimcart release)1SOLD
189Logo lite (Slimcart release)2SOLD
190Starsling (Slimcart release)2SOLD
191Vectrom multicart V1 (VHS case)2SOLD
192Vectrom multicart V2 (VHS case)2SOLD
193Sean Kelly Multicart 1.51SOLD
194Sean Kelly Multicart 2.03SOLD
195Madtronix Hand-switched multicart125
196Madtronix switchless Multicard - Classic4SOLD
197Madtronix multicart - Modern3SOLD
199Hyperdrive racing controller1SOLD
200Dianese controller2SOLD
201GCE Controller decal220
202Prototype 3D imager weldingmask (1 of a kind)2SOLD
203Madtronix 3D Imager4150
204Kev3D Imager/glasses2SOLD
205Madtronix lightpen Big model220
206Madtronix lightpen - Small model325
207Madtronix lightpen addon for madtronix multicart
208Vecram 64K (on of a kind)1SOLD
209Vectrex PS/2 keyboard adapter4SOLD
210Rapidfire dongle4SOLD
211Vecvox/Vecvoice (built inside cartridge)267
212Switched multicart (built inside cartridge)28
213Veccab - Vectrex arcade cabinet4SOLD
214Console decal/cover YASI-Protector1SOLD
215Brown/beige GDG system cover
216Black system cover (with emoided vectrex logo)536
217Minestorm T-shirt325
218Promotional - Vectrex Dogtags (set of 3)345
219Promotional - Vectrex Baseball cap1SOLD
220Vectrex LP record150
221Set of 3 vectrex catalogues6SOLD
222Set of official Rare Swedish vectrex manuals320
223Authentic looking Minestorm II reproduction cartridge1SOLD
2243D Imager game: 3D Narrow Escape4SOLD
2253D Imager game: 3D Crazy Coaster4SOLD
226Lightpen game: Anim action3SOLD
227Lightpen game: Melody master5SOLD
228US-Exclusive game: Pole Position1SOLD
229US-Exclusive game: Polar Rescue 4SOLD
230US-Exclusive game: Star Castle (missing overlay)2SOLD
231Vectrexians #46/100 Limited Edition Homebrew5SOLD
232Vector Pilot LE #19/100 with 3 different overlays! 5SOLD
233Vecdev - Vectrex cart power adapter, by: Richard Hutchinson (one of a kind?)1SOLD
320Set of 3 Vectrex adverts3SOLD
321Rare Swedish Vectrex Poster (A2 size)5SOLD
686Vectoblox Limited Edition #17/204SOLD
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