My Videogame collection

Here is an overview of my videogame collection

I'm an active collector of Videogames (Vectrex, Videopac, Microvision and Sega mostly) and computer magazines (Edge, Zzap64, Crash, Retrogamer, etc.).
Here you will find an overview of my collection

Sega Master System

Complete collection (PAL)

Sega Game Gear

Near-Complete collection (PAL)

Sega Mega Drive (PAL)

Solid Sega Mega Drive / Genesis Collection (PAL)

Sega 32X

Complete Collection (PAL)

Sega Saturn

Complete Collection (PAL)

Sega Dreamcast

Complete Collection (PAL)


Complete Collection and homebrew

MB Microvision

Complete Collection (US and EURO)

Videopac / Odyssey2

Complete Collection and Homebrew

Sony Playstation

Solid Playstation 1 Collection (PAL)

Konami MSX Collection

Solid Konami MSX Collection (PAL)

Other Collections

Nintendo Gamecube, WiiU and more